For those of you who do not like indulging in heavy weight or gym bound activities, yoga would be the best suiting alternative for you. Here is what you need to know before buying a mat and heading for a class.
What is yoga?
It isn’t about siting with your legs crossed on the floor, chanting verses. It simply means uniting the physical and mental body into one. Through this, one attains a state of balance in their mind and body. However, practicing this art and attaining this sacred state does not happen overnight. It is performed by almost all categories of people due to its flexibility of activity. There is no special need or reason to attend a class. Nevertheless, the power of maintaining consistency is needed.
Forms of yoga
Being a flexible activity for the body, it has plenty of forms to choose from. Anusara, ashtanga, aerial, bikram and hatha are just a few of the many varied forms. Whatever the form is, you would be able to find a class anywhere as it is becoming quite a popular and demanding profession as well. You would be able to attend lessons like hatha, aerial yoga classes or pre and post-natal lessons at an institute, private lessons or even at the comfort of your own home. Some may want to attend two or three different kinds of this activity. However, this is usually done after graduating from learning the basics.
What do you gain from yoga?
As said earlier, through the learning of this activity, you will be able to form a balance and unity of the mind and body. Apart from this main benefit, there are other plus points that assist in maintaining good health. Flexibility and good posture, immunity from minor sicknesses, reducing risks of type II diabetes are a few. It is also known to help prevent Alzheimer’s disease.
Some forms may concentrate on curing/preventing specific illnesses or disease. By attending an Ashtanga or Bikram class one would be able to focus on losing weight, at aerial yoga classes one would be focused on the strengthening of bones and muscles and by performing pre-natal lessons the mother and the baby will be benefitted through it. Likewise, there are many forms that attend to different needs. Whatever the form, the main aim of this activity is to connect the mind, the body and the soul.
What to know before attending a class
If you are persuaded enough to join a class, there are a few thing you need to know beforehand. It is always good to know a few basics before entering a class in order to help you feel confident. Being on time and being early is very important as you will need to calm the body down from a hyperactive state, drinking lots of fluids and staying hydrated helps perform better. Always try to keep your sense of direction down and pay attention to your instructor. After a few months of attending the lessons consistently, you will be noticing a lot of change in your mind and body.


Today, more than half of the country’s population suffer from some form of lifestyle disease. If you do a root cause analysis, you will come to see that the root of all these lifestyle diseases is nothing but unchecked body weight. Today many of us have become used to eating more and walking less. Modern technology has made things so that we can do a large number of things without moving as much as an inch from our comfortable desk and chair. The consequences of this is very serious and far reaching. While we don’t realize the consequences at present, they will definitely present themselves in many fold in future. Therefore, it is wise that we watch what we eat from now itself in order to be healthy tomorrow. So here are some diet tips to ensure that you maintain a healthy weight.
Eat Small Meals
In today’s world that is addicted to convenience, many of us would expect some magic supplements that would reduce our weight instantly. But losing weight is not as instant as you may like to think. The first step is to check the size of our meals. If your meal is enough to feed a small village, then you may have to look again at how you are eating. Make sure that your meal quantities are small and are in accordance with the actual serving size per person. Know about the most in demand supplements in the market, continue reading here. 
Eat Frequently
Many of us are used to eating three large meals. But research has shown that it is actually better to eat a number of small meals frequently. Therefore, in addition to the main three meals, include snacks in between. But first, make sure that your main meals are the right size. The snacks maybe something like low calorie fruits, vegetables, or a handful of nuts.
Additional Nutrients
When you are on a diet, you automatically cut your usual amount of food in half, or more. This means that the nutrient intake that your body was used will also be cut in half. Sometimes the body may not handle this sudden drop in nutrients too well. Therefore you may sometimes need additional nutrients in the form of supplements in NZ. Speak to your nutritionist or dietitian about obtaining these according to your diet plan.
Include All Food Groups
A well balanced diet should contain food from all five major food groups, namely carbohydrates, proteins, fruits, vegetables and dairy products. If you are following a diet that deprives you of any of these five major food groups, think again. While your meals should include all five major food groups, their quantities should be balanced to suit your weight and body type.