Are you indecisive about what to gift your son this New Year? Well, is he an ardent sports fan? Does he always steal the remote to switch on to his favourite sports channel to watch the match of his favourite team? Well, it surely means he is an avid sports lover. If this is the case, then what are you thinking about for the New Year? You can go for some amazing sports kit for him.

In order to buy the best sports kit, it is always important to visit the best store that can offer you a range of team sports kits for your son. For instance, if your boy is an avid rugby or football fan, you should visit a leading AFL team store. A good kit bought from a branded and reliable sports kit collection is essentially important as a New Year gift. At a good sports store, you would find a range of kits that are high in:

Comfort level

This is one of the important factors that a good sports store will keep in mind. If you are visiting an AFL team store, you would find kits that have high comfort level as the players will be playing a rough and tough game on the field. It is not an easy task. Hence, the rugby or football and the jerseys should be comfortable. With not leading stores, you may find balls that are made with poorly made strips that rub and chafe may be made of materials that are too abrasive and harsh for the skin. Hence, you should only buy kits that are made of soft and comfortable fabrics.


This is another important reason why you should visit a reputed sports store for sports kit. The style, colour and fit of the kit add to the personality of the players. It is also true that players who believe that they look good also perform better. Hence, make sure that you buy the kit only from a reliable and leading store.


With leading stores, you would find products that are highly durable. There is no use of investing in a kit that is good looking, but made of weak fabric and does not last long. Hence, fabrics should be stretchable and durable and should be able to stand the rigorous of hot water washing. Hence, it is a good investment to buy a team wear that lasts long.

Top class fabrics

This is one of the benefits of buying sports kits from leading suppliers. The fabrics available with leading stores are top class and can be stretched to several times their size and yet return to their original shape. Good fabrics also help the players cool down as the sweat evaporates. Hence, the cloth should be comfortable.

The collectibles, which are related to sporting events, are mainly created on the basis of professional sports; however, there are also some other kinds of sports memorabilia. Baseball collectors may be interested in gathering different photographs when they are actively engaged in the games during the early years of their life.
Similarly, they can also buy trading cards. These cards are perhaps one of the most collected sports memorabilia. You will get lots of trading cards for any game; however there are also some limited edition sport memorabilia. It means that certain number of these pieces of sold, and they are possibly available at a high price.
The collectors must examine limited edition sport collectible or the trading cards for perfect corners, even surfaces, and fine centering. Moreover, they must verify the back of these cards to ensure the genuineness. There are also some other variety of memorabilia that are mentioned here.Uniform and sport shirts- The Jerseys, particularly those, which are signed by the players, are also mostly collected by the fans. Brazilian football celebrities Pele, Jordan, Gretzky are some of the figures whose uniforms are pricey. Collectors searching for the real game jerseys must look out for any stain of sweat and other things, which prove that the jersey is game-worn.
Autographs- Many fans want to personally obtain their preferred athletes’ signature because it is the obviously cheapest and most precious experience of the favored athletes The most genuine signature is the in-person autograph, which signed by the star in front of the collector. Valid IP signatures may be very valuable. The buyers wishing to have first-class autographs must search for retailers who can support their IP signatures with Certificate of Authenticity.
Game-worn memorabilia
A game-used collectibles are considered as the most valuable items since these have some effects of usage. A clean autographed bat, which has not been used anytime, has its certain value; however a bat, which has been excessively pitted, scratched, or even cracked because of usage, has generally another type of value.
There are basically two categories of game-used collectibles available to the buyers-
• Complete Apparel- It can be the complete set of balls, sport shirts, bats, hats, gloves, and also shoes. These sets of sporting tools can be little costly. Collectors must look for real wear and tear, or other proof of game-use.
• Swatches: These are obtained from game-worn attire or parts of game-used kits, and are generally fixed to playing cards that are intended for some collectors, who do not want to buy the full piece or exhibit full jerseys.
So, you buy any of these collectibles to offer someone or to keep it at your home.