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The Three Most Common Types Of Boot Camps – 2011 Cricket World Cup Tickets

The Three Most Common Types Of Boot Camps

The combination of workout and vacation has been growing in popularity ever since it was conceived, and it’s not hard to see why;they offer excellent results in minimal time, whilst promoting good practice, team-work, and better mental health. There are some elements that all of these camps have in common, such as the sense of camaraderie, which comes from helping your fellow campers across obstacles and through challenges, but there are distinctive styles of training as well. The top three of these styles are military, holistic, and assault course-based. Whilst the camps have their roots in military training, they have expanded over the past two decades to include things like winning the mental battle of fitness and how to eat healthily. Have a look at this page if you need a professional trainer for your boot camp.

The type of camp you are most likely to enjoy is a massively personal thing; if you work well with a hard-line, then a military camp might be for you, but if you prefer someone who tries to understand your struggles as well as motivate you, then a holistic camp might be a better option. If you love getting muddy and clambering over things, then assault courses might be more up your alley!


The traditional boot camp in Brighton was based around the types of training traditionally performed by the military. These included drills, running laps, and calisthenics, as well as team-building exercises designed to make the unit work as a group. Often led by ex-army instructors, these camps can be a little intimidating for people with a below-average level of fitness or those who are new to the boot camp experience, but they offer excellent results in a minimal amount of time.


On the opposite end of the scale from military-style boot camps, we have what have been affectionately termed ‘holistic’ camps. These camps don’t only promote fitness and team-work, but also strive to ensure their members come away with the tools needed to remain focused after the boot camp experience. These include mental tools, such as motivational mantras, to clean-eating plans and workout buddy schemes. 

Assault Courses

If getting muddy and clambering over things sounds like your kind of thing, then an assault course-style camp might be just what you’re looking for. Whilst some camps have dedicated facilities, others train on military grounds and use their assault courses, so the level of fitness required to complete the course can vary wildly. Thankfully, you’ll have your team to help you in your endeavors, and team-building is a key part of these types of camps.


Choosing a camp is a personal choice, and you might need to try a few (some even offer trial sessions!) before you find the right fit; but when you do, the gains will far outweigh any fear you have about completing the circuit! You’ll gain new friendships as well as new levels of fitness, and perhaps even get your motivation fixed whilst you’re at it!

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