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Basic Pilates Exercises – 2011 Cricket World Cup Tickets

Basic Pilates Exercises

When you start doing pilates, either as a series of classes or otherwise, you will find yourself exposed to a wide range of exercises. Depending on your trainer, these exercises will vary. This is because pilates is not an exact science. There are no fine-tuned rules, and there is no one method of going about it. You will just have to adapt and develop your own exercises over time. Of course, there are a few basic exercises that nearly every Pilates instructor teaches, which are on different levels of strenuous exercise. Each of these exercises impacts a different set of muscles or the overall core fitness. They must be followed with precision if you hope to begin making yourself a healthier person, inside and out.

Pilates Mat Work

Pilates can be done in a variety of ways. If you attend pilates classes at the local gym, then you are going to be seeing a lot of exercises done on specialized machines. However, these machines can be rather expensive if you intend on doing them at home. In the same way personal pilates trainers can be costly to hire. If you are thinking about doing pilates anyway, but you don’t want to spend a lot of money on it, you can try the mat workouts instead. There are some basic pilates exercises that you can do at home without a big drain on your resources, and without the equipment taking up your space at home. All you need is a mat to train on which is quite cheap, comparatively.

Pilates Machine Work

When you do attend pilates classes you usually don’t do many physio mat exercises. Instead, most gyms and training institutions have machines. It is easier to use a machine to do the exercises. Easier does not mean less tiring though. It is just that the technique is simplified. The addition of resisting cords and weights to the machines mean that the workout is far more strenuous than the mat work out. There are a wide variety of pilates machines, either for sale or at gyms. If you are someone who has plenty of space in your home, and you feel like you can afford to spend a lot on your training regimen, then you should look into pilates machines. While costly, it cant be denied that it is far easier to go through the process of learning posture and workouts if you have a machine to correct your errors.

Either way, pilates can be done and they still have the same impact on your body, whether done with mat or machines. Both are equally great for your body. Happy exercising!

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